I'm sorry, but I have to write this post in english since the computer at school doesn't have the three extra letters, haha! So first of all, I'm so so sorry for being absent on the blog, but I've been so busy with basketball and finals, I've had something on my agenda every single day!I'm going to try to be a weekend blogger, because that's when I have most time.

A week ago I also got an "early christmas present" from It was a supercomfy sweater with the Rolling Stones tongue on and I just love this sweater! It is a one size sweater but it fits me perfectly well. I am 5'10 (175cm) and it has the perfect length for me.

Sweater HERE

If you guys have any concerns about my stay here or how the sizes at SHEINSIDE works, don't hesitate to ask me! I promise you guys a supergood post this weekend with whatever you want me to blog about!


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